Headshots 101, part 8: How to prepare for a shoot: hair and grooming

Men usually prefer to do their own hair. Women: arrive with dry clean hair and no hair products, such as waxes, oils, or styling foam. There's no need to bring anything; our hair and makeup artists will treat you with salon hair products to create the hairstyle you want. If you dye or highlight your hair, have your roots colored, ideally about 3 days before your photo session. Contrast is more obvious on camera than in person. Consider a deep conditioning treatment. Facial hair Facial hair is visible in pictures. Consider facial waxing and trimming nasal and eyebrow hair. If you wax, give your skin 4 days to heal before your shoot. Waxing removes the top layer of the skin, making it look glossy when photographed. It's important to showing your stylist a photo of how you normally wear your hair. Your clients need to recognize you. The best hair stylists take how you normally do your hair and adjust it for the camera.

Here are suggestions to help you prepare for your shoot. Choose the ones you like, that fit your budget, lifestyle, and current beauty regimen, and enjoy!


It is a good idea to exfoliate your lips and face couple of days before the photoshoot. Bring your lip balm and your favorite lipstick, if you use any.


Make sure to get enough sleep before your photo session. If you suffer from red eyes, bring whatever remedy you use.


Well groomed eyebrows are a must! The Benefit Brow Bar at Macy’s will shape them for you - no appointment necessary.

Upper lip

Women... be aware of your fine hair around your lip. If you need to get it waxed do so.


No worries! It’s super easy to remove pimples in Photoshop. Don’t pick. Scabs, wounds and flaky patches are more tricky. Also, many concerns can be fixed just by using a different style of lighting.

What to aviod:

Rule of thumb: Think of how you’d look if you’re going for a job interview: just look fresh and clean.  The night before your photoshoot is not the night to go to a raging kegger, an all-night rave, or a drug-fuelled orgy. Try to get some sleep. The day of your session is not the day to go on a crazy crash diet, either. Have a little something to eat so you're in a good mood and can focus on enjoying this exciting experience. Do your best to keep your heart in good shape too, because it shows in your face. Take good care of yourself. Think of how you’d look if you’re going for a job interview and do that. Look fresh and clean. Avoid new haircuts, tanning, bleach, piercings, tattoos, fresh dye, and foods that bloat.

Lenka Sluneckova