Headshots 101, part 9: Wardrobe

You’ve booked your appointment. You’ve decided how you’ll style your hair, and did all the prep. You excitedly swing open your closet doors to pick out your awesomest look and.… You're not feeling it.  Fortunately we’ve got a few helpful ideas!

  1.  Bring about 5 outfits that you love.  Pick clothing which reflects your personal style, makes you feel confident, fits well, and hugs your curves and arms. Bring more clothes than you think you need. Colors and textures mix with your eye/hair/skin color differently on camera than they do to the eye. Bringing too much is preferable to too little. Also, Sometimes people respond differently to the camera depending on what they're wearing. Think timeless.  Trends don’t last, but beautiful portraits do. Avoid trendy styles. Try to bring several tops with different necklines to your session.

  2. Colors and materials: neutrals (beige, ivory, taupe, black, gray)  and solid colors tend to work best for headshots; and darker colors are slimming. Bring at least one dark outfit or top.  Avoid white, patterns, prints and neons - they steal the attention of the eye. We want people to see you, not the pattern of your clothing, when they view your portrait. Wrinkled clothing is even more obvious in photos, as it casts shadows. Wear something slightly elastic and clingy, but not too tight. There will be steamer available for last minute touch-ups.

  3. Casual looks: Layers may be a good idea for casual looks as long as they don’t create extra bulk.  Stay away from mixing and matching too many patterns, but be true to your individual style.

  4. Business looks: If your office is casual, don’t wear a three-piece suit for your headshots. You want your headshots to reflect your office philosophy. Is your day-to-day look polished? Dress the part! Skip dominating patterns, and instead go for colors that play up your features.

  5. When in doubt, shop. Lots of places take clothes back, so stock up and we’ll keep the tags on— even if we use a piece—so that you can return it afterward. Just check the store's return policy before paying.

  6. Accessorize: Do you wear glasses? Bring them! (If you are always seen with your glasses, you must wear them in your headshots. They are part of your personality!) Bring all your pairs. We can always do a few shots with them on so you have a variety of looks from which to pick.

  7. Pants and shoes aren’t important; they won’t be seen.

  8. Jewelry should be small and understated. Keep it simple. Discreet earings should do it. Remember that’s a headshot. You don’t want objects distracting your viewer away from your face and expression.

  9. Ladies, consider a strapless bra - visible bra straps  won’t make winning photos. Make sure your bra fits.

  10. If you don't want to show your upper arms to show, go for outfits with sleeves, or bring a bolero shrug or a sheer, elegant shawl.

Lenka Sluneckova