Headshots 101, part 7: why you don’t want to do your own makeup.

Hair and makeup are primary concerns with the entrepreneurs and businesswomen with whom we work. We prefer that clients allow our makeup artists to do their makeup rather than doing it on their own, because the camera sees differently than the human eye does. We know the light we’re working with, how to match the makeup to the outfit and the person, how the makeup is going to photograph, and what is possible with retouching. Natural, flawless makeup is a perfect starting place for a shoot! Our makeup artists give you a spa-like skin prep that helps your skin look its best. Arrive with a clean skin, no makeup, only light moisturizer. Please do not apply sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF (it creates flashback in the camera).

Chances are you'll be photographed with a flash, and wearing anything with SPF (including makeup with SPF), silica powder, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, mica, shimmer or glitter will trigger makeup flashback. That goes for both moisturizers and makeup. Bellow is an example of beautiful models wearing sunscreen applied on the entire surface of their face. 

Women Leaders in Tech-86.JPG

Compare the woman on the right (wearing the sunscreen) with the woman on the left (not wearing a sunscreen).

Lenka Sluneckova