Headshots 101, part 3: BUT I HATE TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED!

First Time Jitters? All About Self Image and Photography Many clients have never had their headshots taken before, and don’t know what to expect. It’s normal to feel nervous and excited. Knowing ourselves is the best way we can embrace our own image. This is a simple but not easy personal practice that generally takes a lifetime or more of continually evolving depth of understanding. Remember: it’s the photographer’s job to create a comfortable and supportive environment where you can feel at ease, and to use their design knowledge and artistic skills to make you look your best.

When our clients come to us, they often wonder why is it that they haven't liked pictures of themselves so far. Here is just a couple of reasons why it might be:

The Mirror Image: We usually look at ourselves up close in a mirror. Our eyes and brain get used to our facial asymmetries and learn to not “see” them anymore. However, camera images offer a true reflection, and so when looking at photos of ourselves, the eyes and brain see the asymmetries afresh. If you never look at headshots of yourself, it can be disorienting.

One Lens, Two Eyes: A camera has one eye but humans have two eyes. A camera produces flat images but in real life we see 3D images with our built-in stereo vision. A good photographer can help mimic the roundness and depth we see in real life with the right posing, lighting, and lens choice.

Lenka Sluneckova