Testimonial: "She brings out the best in all of us"

“I absolutely loved my photo session with Lenka. From the first time we connected, she has been super responsive, friendly, warm and she makes you feel like a queen before, during, and after the photo session! She adds a nice touch and is very thoughtful on the small details that add to the entire experience and quality of her product. She was very helpful in guiding through the entire experience (getting ready, what to wear or not to wear, etc.) and during the photo session, she suggested different poses, showed catalogs, and provided other helpful advice. Every time I was at the studio, Lenka always had snacks ready and soft music playing (and she let me pick my choice of music during our session) in the background, so I loved being in her lovely studio!

I also think her approach to every person is unique and she brings out the best in all of us and makes us feel very comfortable. She goes above and beyond in her work, and I highly recommend Lenka Sluneckova Photography!!”

Selene H.