Testimonial: ""I've never seen myself that way, it was magical""

“Lenka is an amazing photographer... also incredibly warm, wonderful, and a very genuine person!! She brings out the best in her models. When I first saw my photos in Lenka's studio, it was quite an emotional experience.  "Wow, is it me? They're so gorgeous. Do I really look like that? But wait, IT IS me!" I've never seen myself that way, it was magical what Lenka did.

On the day of Photoshoot, Lenka made it a very special day, for me to feel pampered, and at ease.  Modeling was difficult because most poses are a bit un-natural.  She was like a coach, climbing up and down to get a perfect angle, and shouting out all kinds of encouragement :) She's thoughtful on all the little details, providing little snacks, playing soft music in the background, lending me warm socks, and showing me different poses.

All along the process, she kept me informed and will send little updates on where she's at. Lenka also only require a small amount of upfront payment for the photoshoot session.  Then you pay as little or many as you like when you review the final result. I'm a super happy customer and am looking forward to work with her again.  THANK YOU LENKA!”

Carina N.