Testimonial: "I forgot all about my photophobia and had so much fun"


“Lenka has an incredible eye for photographing people. Going into this shoot as a person who hates being photographed, I forgot all about my photophobia and had so much fun, it felt like creating art together rather than taking a bunch of pictures and that is precious to me.

The experience was so smooth and relaxed that I almost forgot the effort and prep work that she invests behind-the-scene into making it so. She is meticulous, planned, and eases you into being comfortable with the camera, the photographer and the process. She takes time and effort into knowing you as a person, your likes and dislikes and it shows in the photographs she takes. Everything during this photoshoot - from the thoughtfully crafted questionnaire to chatting with her during the photoshoot, and to viewing the final photographs - made this experience memorable.”

Sowmya B.