Next time you go to an event, wear this foundation

Source of the images: Huda Beauty

Source of the images: Huda Beauty

Free headshots at work? Attending an event?
Then this post is for you, and we'll tell you all about how to avoid looking like this: 

Perhaps you’ve seen this before - and it happens even to celebrities. We see it almost anytime we photograph women at events. The harsh white markings are caused by certain chemicals in foundations, highlighters, sunscreens, and concealers. The women typically look perfectly normal when seen with a naked eye, but as soon as the light from a photographer’s flash reaches them, the chemicals in their makeup reflect it, causing the skin look ghostly white. The main culprits are typically titanium dioxide and zinc oxide and mica, but there are many more. 

What does it mean for you? If you're going to an event in which you'll be photographed with a flash, avoid wearing anything with SPF (including makeup with SPF), silica powder, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, mica, shimmer or glitter. That goes for both moisturizers and makeup. Above, you can see how highlighters and concealers containing those chemicals look in the camera, bellow is an example of a beautiful model wearing a sunscreen applied on the entire surface of her face. 


If you're not sure if your foundation contains chemicals triggering makeup flashback, just check the list of ingredients. If it doesn't contain SPF or any of the above mentioned chemicals, you should be fine. And if you don't have any time to spend on this, this is your happy day! We tested foundations  so you don’t have to.

We tested different foundation byt Nars, Armani, Dior, Hourglass, Clinique and Kryolan (theatre/ movie makeup), and THE ABSOLUTE WINNER WAS DIOR BACKSTAGE. 

If your makeup contains SPF of flashback-producing chemicals, don't throw it away! You can stop by Sephora, have them tone-match you with the Dior Backstage foundation in the shade of your skin and then ask them to make a free sample for you that you can use on the day of the event -  and keep wearing your favorite foundation on other days :-).